The GZ International Shopping Festival is an annual event held in the GZ CBD and hosted by the Tianhe Chamber of Commerce.  The event features products from different countries such as USA, France and Australia.  This year Canada was the feature country and the Company was invited by the Canadian Consulate to attend this year’s event, which featured products and technologies from Canada.   The event was significant for Canadian companies as 2017 coincided with Canada’s 150th birthday as a country.


Only Canadian companies or their products were invited to attend this event.  The Company had a booth at the event which showcased the Company’s products and brand to more than 250,000 people  during the course of the festival.  Liquid Bearing will continue to attend such events and let people know more about the benefits of the technology.

受邀参加此次购物节的只有来自加拿大的公司或加拿大公司的产品。受邀的公司现场均设有展位, 购物节期间向超过250,000人次展示其公司产品和品牌 。万灵霸会继续参加这种类型的活动,让更多的人了解了解其产品技术的好处。


*** DID YOU KNOW?  Regular use of the Liquid Bearing technology can increase fuel mileage by up to 35%?






公司总裁兼首席执行官:William Kwan先生

The inside of the mall 购物中心内部

The inside of the mall 购物中心内部

The booth

The booth and some of the Company’s products 展位和部分公司产品


Some samples of the Company’s products 公司产品的部分样品